Based on studies women can easily detect lies

We have heard or read things about women reading minds, predicting future actions and they can also detect if a person is lying or not. Looks like they have psychic abilities like Professor X. This amazing ability of women is known as “Women’s Intuition”. This skill is the reason why women can easily detect lies. So what is it and how does it work?

Researchers focused on studies for non-verbal communication skills came up with the most logical answer. Women can read facial expressions and emotions better than men. As a result, women can pick up even the most subtle emotional clues that are being shown by others. Women are also excellent on expressing their emotions through non-verbal clues like facial expression and gestures especially the positive ones. Men of planet Earth, don’t feel down. On the other hand, men have a strong skill of not showing their emotions.

These skills are said to be evolutionary. Women’s intuition was due to social power. Most women were historically deprived of social rights and power. Leaving them the option to scrutinize in silence, spend time observing and improve their non-verbal communication skills. It’s not only about how women can easily detect lies. Women’s Intuition is so handy that most of the time it gives them gut feelings with high accuracy.

Don’t be mad if mom is a bit paranoid because you are joining the camping. Don’t underestimate your wife’s fair warning. Inspire a friend, tell your mom, your wife, your daughter or your girlfriend about how power full they can be. Share this article.


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