Watch – Unknown bipedal creature in Azerbaijan.

An unknown bipedal creature was captured in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. The controversial video below shows something bizzare and unknown to the majority. If you happen to have Chaetophobia please do not watch the video.

At first, the creature looks to be lying still and very observant. No one will miss its hairless face at it stands out despite its body is covered with that looks like human hair. While it was seemingly resting the guy who took the video gently grabbed the creature’s right arm. Unveiling its hand similar to human. The creature is about less than a foot tall.

According to an analysis of the footage by Russian cryptozoologist Igor Burtsev, who brought the video to the attention of website Cryptomundo, the language spoken by the people in the footage indicates that the scene took place in Azerbaijan sometime around late last year.

Igor the cryptozoologist never gave out any translation of what the people in the video are saying.
Many believed that it was just a monkey dressed to look more exotic. The video is very bizzare but no matter how I look at it, Its movement realy resembles that of a monkey.



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