Unexplained – The BLACK KNIGHT Satellite ‘s origin still unknown?

The Black Knight Satellite

For years, we have been baffled about the existence of an unknown satellite orbiting our planet Earth called, “The Black Knight”. This mysterious object was first discovered 80 years ago by a well-known engineer named Nikola Tesla. Until now the object’s origin is still unknown.

Nikola Tesla’s discovery of The Black Knight Satellite

Tesla’s discovery of the object was not that convincing. It lacked proof that what he was experiencing that time was caused by the said satellite. The story goes when he was at his research facility. He noticed something peculiar with his ongoing experiment. His research that time was focused on wireless electricity and radio frequency transfers. In 1899, he reported that he intercepted a signal that is not natural in origin. Tesla then theorized that the signal was coming from an intelligent origin outside the Earth. At first, he suspected that the signal was from Mars.

NASA’s Coverup Theory about the origin of the Black Knight Satellite

One of the most popular conspiracy theory claims that the satellite is of an extraterrestrial origin. NASA covered this information up by telling the public that it was just a piece of a space shuttle lost during an EVA mission.

Many UFO researchers disapproved of what NASA suggests about the object’s origin. UFO enthusiasts believed that it was something else. The discovery of the object was first recorded in 1899 by Nicola Tesla. The first EVA mission, however, was held in 1965. It was roughly 66 years after The Black Knight satellite was first noticed. Whatever it is, one thing is clear – it does exist.



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