Science fiction made real – Inventions straight from sci-fi

We live in a world where every technology available was once an imagination. We always see things from science fiction made real. These great ideas and inventions help us shape our future. The question is how far can humanity go? Is it only a matter of time before we can shoot ourselves in deep space?

Let’s take a look at some science fiction to reality inventions. Made for your convenience.

Automatic doors

science fiction made real

Automatic doors don’t seem to be very intriguing. That is because we see it almost everywhere. Do you know how did it come into reality? Automatic doors were first mentioned in a dystopian science fiction novel by H. G. Wells “The Sleeper Awakes” published in 1899. The first automatic door came into reality in 1931.


Space Travel

science fiction made real

Space Travel is one of the most precious milestones of mankind. We can not physically travel to deep space yet or to the nearest neighboring planet like Mars but we managed to put satellites into Earth’s orbit. These satellites allow us to use the internet, GPS. Where did the idea of space travel come from? Believe it or not, it came from another novelist named Jules Verne. His novel called “From The Earth To The Moon” talks about humans traveling in space. The novel was published 1865. The first man in space Yuri Gagarin lifted off in 1961. Another science fiction made real.



Voice Control

Have you watched the 2001 movie A Space Odyssey?  If so, you probably know HAL a voice controlled computer. Voice command or speech recognition system has been an idea since the 1950. iPhone’s Siri was made available to the public in 2011.



The Internet

science fiction made real

Do you remember the days when you have to use your landline to connect to the internet? That was when the internet was not that famous yet. The internet was made available in 1990. The idea of having multiple computers connected through the internet was mention in Brunner’s novel called “The Shock-wave Rider” published in 1975.



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